Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flowers From My Friend

Manashi's Garden

Antirrhinums: 'Madame Butterfly'

Nothing gives me a bigger kick than other people's gardens. When I look around my own, I see dead leaves somewhere, an unwatered plant somewhere else, weeds, or something to do. Other people's gardens offer a complete break from thought. You just look, enjoy, and absorb.

Manashi's garden was wonderful when it peaked in February with dahlias everywhere. That was more than a month ago. Now that the dahlias are gone, the 'late latifs' are having their day.

Phlox were late in all our bungalows. These pink beauties are like little rosebuds, aren't they?

Carnations brave the Dooars weather! I have never succeeded in growing them!

The drought in the Dooars is alarming now. Manashi told me that she'd heard some crackling sounds coming from the garden yesterday afternoon. When she went to the verandah to check, she saw one of the big bamboos at the edge of the compound had caught fire! (You can see the bamboos in the first picture).
Over 120 days - that is four months - without rain. The husband, poor man, found a forecast by the BBC which said it would rain tomorrow. It's brought him some comfort. The BBC, he tells me, actually records daily temperatures in Siliguri, a place that other major news channels ignore.

Manashi's Bungalow at the DBITA



Snapdragons? Almost as high as hollyhocks! The garden really has beauties

Sunita said...

Wow! The flowers really are more colourful on the other side of the fence!
The bamboo catching fire must have terrified her. Does this happen often?

Kamini said...

Lovely flowers.
I hope and pray the drought ends soon. The ground really does looked parched.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

everyone in doars seem to have lovely gardens...must make a wonderful sight!