Saturday, April 11, 2009

Think Positive!

"Reminding someone of their misery makes them frown even more. Putting a smile on someone’s face costs nothing. Think about it.

Think positive!"

This is from 'Advertising and Positive Thinking' by my brother Bala.
Read the rest of the article here.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Waiter, There's An Elephant In My Tea!

Of the herd of elephants that entered Moraghat Tea Estate on Monday night, seven hung around till Tuesday morning, and ended up staying all day. They had moved from the inhabited parts of the garden to the NG Division, which borders the National Highway and the broad gauge railway line.

This made it easy for passersby on the highway to stop and stare, and also made it impossible for the elephants to get out from the tea area and head back to the forest!

Three adults and four calves - they stood in this formation almost all day.

When they got agitated, one of them would charge ahead!

Elephants can cause a lot of damage, and these boys were doing their best to drive them away. It isn't good to be in the path of an elephant when it runs towards you. It can race along at 60km an hour.

Our garden's boys dont fear elephants - they're charging at them to frighten them away.

We went as close as we dared (about 100 feet) to take these pictures. One of the big guys started off in our direction, and we ran into the vehicle, then raced off - under the branches of a tree that you know who had knocked down.

Racing away

By late afternoon, people were arriving in hired cars to stand and stare.
Our visitors went away only after nightfall. Today Mohan looks glum - the damage they did will cost the garden a few lakhs of rupees!

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Rescue Mission

Geeta was coming to the bungalow to work this morning when she saw a bird trapped in a fence around the tea area. She sent Jithroo there to rescue the bird. Jithroo has a way with animals. Our pets love him, and the cats think he's playing with them when he goes about his work with a broom. Jithroo freed the bird - it was a peahen - whose neck had got caught in a bit of fencing wire. He put it in the little coop where Salman and Goni used to sleep when they were tiny kittens. (In the picture, above)
Garden people know exactly what to do with wounded animals. They kept it in a place where it couldn't move around too much, and where it was dark, so it would feel comforted. We don't see too many peacocks and peahens in the tea area, but there are plenty in the forest nearby.

Mohan rang up the Wild Life Squad in Binnaguri. Their team came in promptly. The bird looked quite comfortable in their arms.

This is Bittoo, who came along for the ride with his father.

The bird was loaded into the vehicle without any fuss. It will be released into the forest now.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Darjeeling : Jaldhaka River

That's Bhutan, on the other side of the river.

The hills to the left of the picture are in Bhutan.

One For the Road - Spring Water!