Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Past

One of the best things about the garden is that you can enjoy it round the year. When the 'Peak display' season is past, and when even the most houseproud of gardeners have stopped patting themselves on the back for their success with cold-weather annuals, there are a few showers. The grass turns green again after winter's crackly brown; summer's birds call out all day long, and Nature takes over. All is as it should be.

The last of our valiant dahlias make showy, if slightly minimized, appearances, mistaking every cool rainy evening for a return of 'their' season. The beds which we'd planted out last of all in early December burst with blooms. These are generally the 'leftovers' beds, where miscellaneous seedlings are planted after the regular beds are full. One such is near the back gate.

It's a variation of the riotous border, and colourfully named 'Pagla Palang' by our Dooars gardeners. 'Pagla' means mad, but is used here to mean 'not regular'. The Pagla Palang is planted out in the generous spirit of inclusion. No flower is too 'common' to be a part of it.

Out in the front lawn, while we're looking out for Easter lilies, one of the prettiest flowering shrubs of the region gets into its act.

It's called 'Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow'. The blooms are mauve on the first day, lilac on the second day, and fade to white on the third day. The garden is filled with the mild, soothing, lavender-like fragrance of the flowers all evening.

And then there are the Late Latifs. That's what hollyhocks are. This white beauty was certainly worth waiting for.

(You might like to read about the same garden at another time)

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PentaTwo said...

What a lovely mauve! Thanks.


Such lovelies, and so much philosophy in that simple flower 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow'. What pleasures a garden can give.

Happy Kitten said...

I remember that one! lovely flowers it has.. but have never seen it elsewhere.. and after a long time now in ur blog..

flowergirl said...

More pictures of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, please, Gardena. Your garden and gardener are truly smashing.

Keep writing.

One suggestion, why dont you put in one of those email newsletter tools, so we will know when something new comes up?

I came today and discovered so many hidden treasures! You've obviously been busy blogging away!

Srividhya said...

Very nice blog - Gardening is such a soulful and fulfilling exercise - May God Bless you !!!