Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Riders On The Storm

Kolkata Knight Riders were wiped out in their match against Chennai Super Kings on Sunday at the Eden - by a Kaal Baisakhi. We're located around 600kms to the North of the city, and we were hit by a big one, too, just as the match was starting off. The sky turned black, winds blew as if they would flatten everything in sight, and the door to the garage flew off. Thanks to the match, we got to see this excellent photograph in yesterday's Kolkata newspaper, The Telegraph. A dementor ? What awaits the folks at Eden today?


flowergirl said...

Really does look like something out of a HP book!
Little more of the wind and the players would've been in the air and they could have played quidditch rather than cricket.

So what are you doing for a garage door?!

Rada said...

Sad! KKR were really done in by the "Kaal Baisakhi"!

Though my team is CSK, couldn't help feeling sad for the manner in which the match had to be decided!


Kamini said...

Brilliant and spooky!


Amazing - and an apt description of that whatever-it-was!

kallu said...

Fantastic photograph.
You deal with storms too so easily.

Gardenia said...

Flowergirl, that made me laugh so much. We are still minus garage door.
Rada, yes that was no way to lose or win!
Thanks Kamini!
Thanks, Raji!!
Kallu, I wish that was true, and how!!Thanks!