Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Z is for Zinnias



B is for Beautiful,
and C is for those bright Colours, like the Conjeevaram silks,
(as Babuji used to say)
and D is for Dazzling!

Kamini said...

Those colours look unreal! They are beautiful!

Indrani said...

These are gorgeous! You have so many in your garden.

kit kat said...

wow beauteous abzolutely

Gardenia said...

Raji, no one has beaten Babuji's remark yet! When his granddaughter heard me repeat it to her, she was delighted with it.
Kamini, the prospect of seeing these colours seemed just as unreal - the plants were really under attack, what with caterpillars and root disease.
Indrani, I'm so glad I had enough to share around! We could have had many more - so many plants died.
Kat, pleased that you saw them!