Monday, September 15, 2008

Salman In High Places

Salman, we all know by now, doesn't like being ignored. You have to give him constant attention. That’s the price you pay for just being with Salman. He was restless all afternoon yesterday. It was a raining a flood and he didn't like being indoors. I know he would have hated the rain even more. I'm sure he didn’t arrange his thoughts logically or think sensibly about what was good for him and what was not. He always wants action and excitement, and he didn’t like being stuck at home. Me, I am happy with a book or a soppy movie on a rainy day. With a little masala chai once in two or three hours.

While I was drinking tea and making rather contented noises, Salman strutted around and stood before me striking poses. To give him his due, he did all this without making a sound. He was looking particularly good yesterday, and I couldn’t help stealing a peek at his dreamy eyes now and then. He gazed back deeply and seemed to be urging me to stop reading and to provide him with some amusement.

I put my book down and turned to him. 'Now listen, Salman', and he looked at me with that intent gaze. 'You are very sweet and I love you, but I will not let you bully me.' He walked away haughtily, and he too seemed to have decided to change tactics, because now he resorted to being noisy - all to grab my attention, of course. So typically male. I turned my back on him and ignored all the sounds he was making. But not for long. Whatever he was doing sounded really strange. He was making scratching, scrabbling noises and I couldn’t imagine what he'd got up to. At first, I couldn’t see him at all.

Kittens!! They really are wicked things and love to hide, just to annoy us. Then I spotted Goni, who'd been playing under a footstool all the time that Salman had been strutting. The kittens became a part of our family when the IPL craze was at its peak, and our younger daughter named them for two of her favourite batsmen: Salman Butt, and Manpreet Singh Goni. Little Goni had come out to watch his brother's antics. He was looking at the curtains, and sure enough, there was a bulge in them. Only, the bulge was right on top - near the pelmet, and then it emerged as a defined form: Salman, of course! He jumped casually on to the pelmet. The wretch had climbed the curtains as easily as gymnasts go up ropes! He was so excited, and he couldnt wait to explore his new world! He prowled the length of the pelmet and back, twice. Then he looked down - oh, big mistake - and completely lost his nerve.

He turned back and did a slow crawl down the length of the pelmet, and turned at right angles where the pelmet turns to the top of the door in the opposite wall. To the side of that door, and just two feet below the pelmet, was the top of a cupboard. A safe landing in sight! Salman looked at it, but walked back and away.
From l to r, Goni and Salman
After doing another couple of lengths, he decided he could do it, and leapt. I was proud of our brave boy. Now all I had to do was to reach out and pick him off the top of the cupboard. I praised him and cuddled him like he wanted - but only for a bit, because he jumped out of my arms at once. For some more action.


Happy Kitten said...

Wow! It is always a pleasure to read you..and now that you have written about kittens, I wished it would go forever and ever.. (selfish me)

Why havent you published a book? or have you already?

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

aww....i'm so jealous! Kittens!!! What would i give to be stuck in a room with kittens and masala chai on a rainy day!! Great post! :-)

flowergirl said...

Salman and Goni! If only they knew.
When I started reading the post, I imagined Salman as a pup (yes I confess to be in the dog-lover category, which then automatically removes one from the cat-lover category I've noticed!)

Was a trifle disappointed that he turned out to be from the opposite camp, but the description of his antics on the pelmet were delightful!

Now if only Salman and Goni would pose for a picture please?!

flowergirl said...

Maybe Goni and Dhoni would've been a better name choice, with all the rhyming and all. Anyway, how can the KKR fans leave out Dada from all this?!

Gardenia said...

Goni was chosen it because of CSK - the hot favurites. And Salman was selected because he hit a century the day before the 'naming ceremony'.

kallu said...

I sort of go with flowergirl. Cats are not a hot favorite.
But your writing is wonderful. Makes up for all those cats:-) just kiding