Sunday, September 06, 2009

Talking Boxes

Tributes paid,
wreaths laid.
Flags half mast:
Relive days past!
Son anointed,
Successor appointed
Madam arrives
son in tow
PM postpones
all to morrow.

Bharat desh,
always mourning
always rating,
phoney telling.

What about Air Force boys?
What about suicides?
What about the failed monsoon?
Price of sugar, over the moon.
Please, put reality on hold
Live funeral should not go cold.


flowergirl said...

Oh wow! How true!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Well put.

Gardenia said...

Not without my brother - who edited it!

Vishwas Krishna said...

Super. Well said and unfortunately, very true.

Kamini said...


Fight Global Warming said...

So poignant.

Nagesh.MVS said...

WOW wonderful.
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Anonymous said...

Gowrie! So nice! Funny, yet hard-hitting.

kallu said...

This one is so cute! It goes so well. I know I should be talking about the sentiment behind but Im dazzled by the flow