Thursday, April 30, 2015

Smelling of April and May

When the drought is over and we've had some rain we get to feast our eyes on these signs of moisture. It's a surfeit of flowers and new leaves everywhere. No need to plan out beds or plant seeds like the cold weather, because what's already in the garden starts blooming. There are lilies, hibiscus,hydrangeas, magnolias and gardenias. The grass is green again.

Thank you to the person who planted these hydrangeas. They're pink and lilac in one border and blue in another.
Almost like a forest floor under the mahogany trees.

Delicate blooms of bougainvillea.

Heady and intoxicating, the fragrance of the magnolia blooms - alas, I can't capture that!

Gardenia - what I choose to call myself on this blog.

There are many fellow creatures celebrating life out there. I captured the most eye-catching of the lot.

I salute the Maker!!



Beautiful flowers and glorious colours

Maiji said...

Thank you, Gowri.

Pleasure to see these colours.

H.Eckler said...

The Grass is Green
'Neath the
Mahogany spree
The Maker sat and drew

The Grass is Green
Bougainvillea pale
Hydrangea blue
Pink & lilac too

The Grass is Green
Gardenia white
Fragrant delight
A Magnolia outasite

The Grass is Green
With creeping colours
And flying crawlers
Garden-of-Eden brew

The Grass is Green
Outsider greener
Seeing and reading
Gardenia's insight

Kamini said...

Wow, how stunning! I read somewhere that the colour of hydrangeas depends on the ph of the soil.
And a special bonus to read the H.Eckler (formerly known as the Heckler?)'s verse!