Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Fresh Skin!

After two cold, windy and rainy days, the sun showed up at around noon today. We always tread carefully on the lawn because there are creatures that bite and sting, but I didn't notice what was there until the mali pointed it out to me.

I was not the only one who'd come out to enjoy the sun!

We thought that the frilly bit was where the head must have been, but when the malis turned the skin over and unfurled it, this is what we saw:

The snake must have been over five feet long. Look at the head :

  All the revulsion I'd felt at the sight of the skin was gone.



Oh, amazing! And sorry, unlike you, I still feel revulsed and ....frightened

Pradeep Sachdeva said...

Presume that snake are a common sight there. This one is rather beautiful.

Kamini said...

Wowb, what a beauty! Do you know what kind of a snake this is? Not poisonous, I hope.