Friday, April 25, 2008

Pastels for Summer

Tiny zinnia seedlings have gone into flower beds, but may never live to grow and bloom, as caterpillar-s are eating them up. The shrubs around the garden are putting out flowers now, and little dots of colour are appearing in new places every day!
When the heat builds up, and the days are humid, these are the coolers that soothe tired eyes and lift our spirits!


Wisteria in its corner


Maiji said...

Thanks, Gardenia. Particularly the wisteria, a vision for tired eyes. It is beautiful beyond words.


Oh, the sweet beauties. Cool pastels for summer indeed!

Gardenia said...

My pleasure, dear ladies! I am happy you loved them!

Kamini said...

How beautiful - particularly the first one!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Lovely flowers...a happy summer to you, I guess, surrounded by flowers. Wish it was the same here too! Very nice pictures, anyway!

Gardenia said...

Thank you, Kamini, Thannk you, Lakshmi! The summer garden is enjoyable till August or so, when everything stops growing - except grass and weeds!