Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Standing Tall

This beauty is a kind of semal, or kapok tree. Its special feature is the four-cornered base, almost like the base of a dart! The boy standing at the base of the tree is one Bala. The pictures of these giant American trees, below, were sent to me by another Bala.

Redwood Tree in Redwood National Park

Wawona Tree Mariposa Big Tree Grove Yosemite National Park


Kamini said...

Wow, lovely, Gowri. I'd heard about the kapok tree but I've never seen one, or a picture of one. Why is Bala running (cycling) away? Camera shy?

Gardenia said...

Thanks, K! Ha, ha, Bala is not the cyclist..he's the coy boy standing at the base of the tree!!!!Look closely...he's dressed in brown and green!

PentaTwo said...

One Bala can be tolerated. Two are too many!