Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blogged On The Tracks

Mohan Checks It Out  - It Works! 
It is about 10.00 a.m. on another typical July morning, all grey skies and rain-splashed windows. What's interesting is that I'm reporting all this from the Guwahati Rajdhani Express, somewhere near Moghulsarai and on the way to Delhi. Technology, Indian Railways : you've come a long way! Someone's playing the Beatles' 'In My Life' on FM Radio. Train journeys have always been fun, but this is too good!



Impressed that you can blog and chat from the train. Should we seriously consider you-know-who as the next PM?

Viji said...

Wah kya baat hai
rail gaadi , rail gaadi
chuk chuk chuk chuk
beech waali station bole
ruk ruk , ruk ruk
Now we can film
Jab we Met Part II -
Bhatinda ki aisi taisi
Chal New Jalpaiguri

flowergirl said...

Have you used the online booking site? Its pretty handy too!

You should try the Jan Shatabdi as well -

Did you read this post of mine -

At the bottom of the piece, read about "Flushing snacktrays".

Anonymous said...

“ye kahan aaa gaye hum tere sath chalte chlate”

Really interesting – it indeed has been an innovative technology of our times but more original is your amusing idea!

And where to next friend?

Maddy said...

you increased the yearning in me - indian railaways - train rides, rajdhani...well, another 20-25 days later i will be in India and hopefully making a train ride after 3 years...

Kamini said...

This is too good! (and a nice picture of Mohan and your hands!!)
Feeling nostalgic for the good old hot, dusty Grand Trunk Express train!

Anonymous said...

Great title!

Buckets of Train?

kallu said...

Trains are getting more luxurious /fun- and more crowded with airfares going up.
Nice company or just yourself is great.
Good pics too.You have lovely hands.

Rhinusmita (Tulip) said...

Your blog's like a lovely book...It's thanks to Mrs Shalini Mehra that I discovered you...lovely bits of reading!

Sud said...

maybe I should move to guwahati

Narain said...

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