Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty (and) Sturdy

That's what these plants are, having survived a month of the monsoon. Gallardia is an ugly-sounding name for this really pretty flower, which I have never seen in this shade of yellow before.

                                                        The 'standard' colour is orangey red - like this one, here.

Gomphrena -- Another awful name for these bright and unpretentious 'Bachelors' Buttons'. They are tough plants, and they're nicely filling up the bed where the zinnias died out.

White crocuses spread like a rumour, outnumbering my favourite pink and yellow. They're bordered by portulacas, (below)which only peep out in the early morning.

They close up tight after 10 a.m. There are two varieties: single and multi- layered. Again, the common name, Moss Rose, is so much prettier than the 'nursery' name. They did very well in our Delhi home in the early eighties.
We grew them in two old kitchen sinks. When my nephews came home for the summer holidays, these flowers were beautiful in the cool early hours of the morning. They looked like fragile little roses, and the colours included magenta, bright orange, white and yellow. An image comes to mind - of my father smiling as he watched his eldest grandson sitting and watering each tiny plant gently.

                                 I love the shape of this ixora bush above.

Below: A pot-pourri by Mithoo the flower artist - an arrangement combining bamboo orchids, heliconia, some geraniums that bloomed by mistake, bachelors' buttons and foliage.



Maiji said...

Gowri, the picture garden looks lovely, especially the crocus field. I feel I am in your garden again. Thanks


Your gardener has a vey fine sense of symmetry and balance. Please congratulate him.

As for the flowers in your garden - delightful.

Lekhni said...

Lovely flowers! Are all the pictures from your garden? You must have a beautiful one then!

Swarna said...

Lovely Ixora. If I am proud of my single inflorescence in my baby plant, what pleasure you must get from each of yours! The flowers and plants really warmed the heart!

kalyani said...

Wonderful, wonderful, Gowri. Lovely pics and lovely flowers. Your garden must be so beautiful and you are a beautiful person too to appreciate it all so much.

flowergirl said...