Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheap Thrills

February is the season of film award functions. I watched almost all of the BAFTA awards, and the last (and most exciting) part of the Oscars. The BAFTA ceremony was businesslike and neat. The host's humour was inoffensive and he didn't talk too much. Bollywood's Star Screen Awards were disturbing. The chief host Sajid Khan dressed in drag, and made continual references to the movie Dostana in which John Abraham and Abhishek Bachhan pretend to be gay.

I couldn't understand this obsession with gay sex and how it could be a source of amusement and/or titillation. Where does it fit into a film awards function,of all things?

While flicking channels, I found last year's Filmfare Awards were on. The 'King' Khan Shahrukh and his co-host, Saif Ali Khan, were doing a comic act. The main theme of the show was the supposed humour in a situation where 'macho' guys like them are mistaken for a gay couple in a movie they did a few years ago. So what Shahrukh did last year became a model for a 'lesser Khan' like Sajid to copy this year.

It's bad enough that there are movies that exploit the theme of homosexuality, and get a 'U' certificate from the censor board. Entertainment channels on television are watched by children of all ages. Should sensitive and confusing subjects like sexual orientation be treated as a source of crass humour and titillation? Saif Ali Khan and ShahRukh Khan are both fathers of teen or pre-teen children. Guess we should ask them.


Viji said...

It is a pity that we are yet to grow up especially our so called custodians of social commentary


I hate it when cheap jokes are made referring to any kind of physical abnormality.

In the same way, I hate it when rude jokes/comments are made about people's sexuality, whether it deviates from the normal (what IS normal?)or not.

This piece is a timely pointer and I hope the people concerned will wake up and avoid such idiocy in futire.

Happy Kitten said...

Homosexuality still remains a confusing subject.....

Kamini said...

Very well put. I suppose that making cheap "gay jokes" makes these guys feel more masculine, but in reality they come across looking cheap and crass. And it perpetrates the idea that making fun of this is a cool thing to do, making life for and acceptance of gay people even harder.