Monday, February 23, 2009

Small Dreams of a Cancerian

(A poem written ten years ago)

On my decision to stop teaching

To revered writer Vikram Seth

Most humbly do I dedicate

My decision to waste no time

(In teaching drama, prose and rhyme

To feckless and ungrateful youth --

I will resign and that's the truth!)

O Master, in your steps I follow

(By penning doggerel so hollow)

If I should give my Muse a twirl

We could do you A Suitable Girl.


Karthik Narayan said...

neat pome... ;)

Kamini said...

Terrific poem! Now, awaiting your tome.


Wow, Gow.

The most I can do in verse.

Gardenia said...

Thank you, all. But Kamini, it took me ten years to publish this poem. So do be patient, hmm? ;-)

Kamini said...

I'll wait, Gowri! I know it will be well worth it!